Saturday, 8 September 2007


Almost time now. This time next week I should be either in the plane already, or making final preperations for the jump (I don't have a timetable, but it's a day of training with the jump taking place at the end of the day). Strangely, I don't feel nervous about the jump. It's the money side I still need to take care of. About half of the money I've raised has been in cash - this is currently resting in my savings account. I have to hand that over at the airfield. They won't accept cash, and they'll only accept a cheque with a cheque guarantee card, which I don't have. So I'll have to give them a banker's draft, which will cost £15. Very annoying, but I've checked with the bank and there shouldn't be a problem with me collecting the draft on Tuesday, which is my day off. I also have to pay my jump fee on Saturday (£160). One problem, due to me having to have the brakes on my car fixed last week, I don't currently have that money. Fortunately Friday is payday, so I should be able to collect it then. Finally I still haven't taken out my jump insurance (£100,000 of life insurance for a fee of £20). That's something else that will need to wait till Friday, I'm hoping I can book the insurance online then. So I'm basically depending on the bank not messing me about, and getting paid on time. Strange that I'm currently more nervous about money than I am about steppin out into a 3,000ft void. I expect that will change next Saturday.

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