Thursday, 27 September 2007


The weather was looking decidedly doubtful last Sunday, so I didn't even bother driving up the the parachute centre. This weekend's looking about 50/50. Fortunately, a sudden (but not unexpected) change in my employment status (sacked on Monday, unemployed on Tuesday, temping since Wednesday) means I've now got Saturdays free as well as Sundays. Unless the weather's looking totally horrible on Saturday morning, I'll drive up there and at least have a briefing (which I need to do fairly regularly until I take my jump, just to refresh my memory). Hopefully I'll jump Saturday. If not, maybe Sunday - but if it's Sunday, I'll have to make an excuse to my parents, who I normally visit on Sundays and don't actually know yet what I'm doing.

The sooner the better - psychologically I'm "Go for EVA", but the weather's only going to get worse from now on.

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