Sunday, 16 September 2007


What a weekend. The training was fun (quite a lot to pack into 6 hours) and I passed the course with no problems (it's easy to pay attention to lessons when they're all about how to avoid getting killed) but the weather turned a bit bad about the middle of yesterday afternoon - bright sunny day, good for hill walking and suchlike, but the wind was blowing too fast for inexperienced people on their first jump. We could have ended up being blown about all over the place - into woods, roads, pylons, the sea etc. So they said come back anytime to do the jump.

I went back this morning and the weather was even worse - cloudy, windy and cold. So bad that no-one at all, no matter how experienced, went up. On top of that, I think I've caught a cold. I'll have to see what the weather's like next Sunday now - I will take the jump, but it's a bit of a mither having to wait till the weather conditions are good enough and I've got a day off work. I could end up making several trips up there before I get to jump. No point complaining though, there's nothing anyone can do about the weather.

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