Tuesday, 14 August 2007


I have to admit my morale's been a bit low lately, what with pressures at work (I haven't sold a thing all week) and the fundraising having dried up for several days. But, it only takes a moment for something to turn my mood around sometimes. I went along to my local gun club after work last night (I do a bit of target shooting, although I'll never exactly be Olympic class). The last time I'd been there was the week before last, and I'd left a few home-printed leaflets asking for sponsorship money through my JustGiving page, as well as getting a couple of donations from committeee members - I didn't have any luck with the other members at the time, so I wasn't expecting anything last night. However, while I'm in the range reloading my carbine, one of the members came up to me and said: "Are you still doing that parachute jump?" Me having answered in the affirmative, he immediately offered to sponsor me to the tune of a tenner - very nice of him, especially as we don't even know each other that well. You never know, it just goes to show it pays to keep trying. Then when I logged on to the internet this afternoon (today being my day off from work), I found that there had been two separate donations through JustGiving, one for £25 (thanks Sis) and one for £50 (thanks a lot Shirley), meaning that the amount of sponsorship money I've collected is suddenly edging towards £300 - still a way short of my £1,000 target, but at least it's now a worthwhile amount to be risking my neck for, and the more money I raise the less likely it is that I'll chicken out at the last minute. I don't want to have to pay all that money back!

Meanwhile, my physical and mental training seems to be going a bit more slowly. I seem to be getting flabbier if anything, despite eating tons of diet food, and I still need to get more acclimatised to heights - I did mean to take a trip up Blackpool Tower a couple of weeks ago, but finances prevented me - hopefully next week, after I've been paid.

Meanwhile, anyone who's reading this, any donations would be welcome, even a couple of quid. Please click on the JustGiving widget to the left.

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