Wednesday, 18 July 2007


OK, I was back in work today and got the official word from my boss that I can take Saturday 15th September off to do the parachute jump. I took that as a sign to start fundraising around the call centre. Today's been a pretty bad day for me, actually. I woke up with a splitting headache that lasted all morning, then got stuck in a traffic jam going into work (something really needs doing about the Mancunian Way). Getting out of the car and rushing into work (no parking on the premises unless you're carsharing) I suddenly realised I'd left my work ID card at home. This meant I got delayed at the front desk, then couldn't buy anything for lunch (because the canteen doesn't take cash, you have to put the money on your card). On top of that, I was late for all my breaks (due to the general public being a bunch of idiots, or at least that portion which was talking to me). However, I did manage to corner about half the team, plus a couple of floorwalkers and my manager, and altogether I've extracted £28.50 from them so far. Small beginnings, but I'll do the other half of the team tomorrow. Three of the ladies on my team were particularly generous (considering we're not that well paid and we've all got financial commitments) so hopefully that will encourage the blokes to open their wallets. Not too bad for a single day - and I've still got a lot of my social network to work on, so maybe I will achieve my target of raising at least £1,000.

Of course any donations, no matter how small, will help. Feel free to click the JustGiving box on the left hand side of the screen ;-)

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